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Camp's Christmas Forest is located at the junction of Lee's Chapel Road and Kyle Road in Sweetwater. See "contact us" page for additional directions.

Upon arrival, you will be directed to either Area #1 on Lee's Chapel Road or Area #2 at the little farm house on Kyle Road. After parking, you can grab a saw at one of a few baler stations around the farm. 


After you choose and cut your tree, please return saws to a baler station. Trees that are too large can't be baled!  Payment can be made at the baler area.


Once again, cash and checks only!



Patrons are responsible for transporting their tree to the baler and vehicle.  

Helpful hints: Wear appropriate attire for weather and terrain. Bring a truck if possible, as well as twine, rope, or straps for tying down your tree. The busiest time is when the gates open, so do expect a line for entrance due to limited parking! The line is usually better about 1-2 hours after gates open. Bathroom and portable potty available.

We are excited to be apart of your family tradition! We do encourage exploring the tree farm and taking pictures with your tree. However, we do not allow photo sessions with a photographer at this time.  See info for photographers tab of this site for more info.

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